My Mindful Morning Routine That Creates Magic!

Ok admit it, you've done this morning routine at least once. You wake up, begrudgingly hit the snooze button, open your eyes, grab your phone, check messages, check emails, check social media, then get up and start getting ready.

Hey, that was me too for more mornings that I like to admit. Even just turning to my phone right when I woke to reply to messages and check emails. I live in a glass house so no judgment here.

About two months ago I heard something that impacted me so much that I immediately made a new morning routine that is a non negotiable.

What I heard was "show me what the first 60 minutes of your day looks like, and I'll tell you what kind of person you are." This was said by Brendon Burchard, High Performance Habits Coach and best selling author, so it hit me even harder being a coach myself.

This rocked me to my core. Truly. Still to this day I think back to hearing this and I have a visceral reaction.

When you check your phone first thing in the morning, you are instantly in a state of reaction.

You haven't taken any time to set the tone for your day.

You haven't taken any time to connect to your consciousness.

You haven't created intentions for your day.

You haven't been mindful of your energy and personal vibration.

You are instantly a victim of external variables.

When we are in a state of reactivity, we are the victim to our thoughts, feelings and experience. We have knee jerk responses to life that are unconscious and powerless.

This makes us more susceptible to lower frequency thoughts and feelings like anger, judgement, insecurity, sadness, fear, scarcity, even lack of focus, to name a few.

So my new morning routine has made such a tremendous impact on my day, mood and productivity that I had to share it with you.

First thing to take note of is that I sleep with my phone on airplane mode and leave it that way for the first hour upon waking.


1. Wake and Take

As soon as I wake up, I start to take nice deep breaths. Bringing in more oxygen to my brain and body. It also kicks up the consciousness level.

2. Attitude of Gratitude

As I am taking my full, deep and complete breaths, I start to think of things that I am grateful for. The first one is always "I am grateful for my comfy bed" as I nuzzle into my memory foam pillow and mattress and "I am grateful for waking up to a new day, not everyone receives this gift".

Doing this instantly increases your level of vibration, personal frequency and puts you in a great mood.

3. Stretch it Out

I toss off the covers and start to gently stretch my body. Happy baby pose, hug in my knees, spinal twist etc.

Then I sit up, chug a bunch of the water that I have waiting for me on my bedside table and get onto the floor next to my bed to keep stretching for about another 5-10 minutes. Childs pose, cat, cow, pigeon, anything that is going to wake up and stretch out my body.

Then when I am done that, I brush, wash and get changed (or some days I may or may not just stay in my pjs....that's weather dependent. lol)

4. Bevvie and Brain

I head downstairs and I make myself a hot bevvie that is usually one of the following options: hot lemon water, detox tea, green tea or the odd time I will do an Earl Grey or Coffee. Then I sit down with my notebook and write down my Success List for the day.

I used to call it a "To Do" list, but 1. that's boring AF, and 2. when you call it a success list you focus more on the things that would make that day a success and would get you closer to your goals. Ask yourself "what would make this day successful?" I write them down with a little check box on the left of each item.

I break down bigger tasks into smaller action items so I don't get overwhelmed, stay focused, and can acknowledge myself each step of the way.

Here's an example of one that I did recently:

[] Launch Journey Within Event (Bigger Task)

[] Confirm with venue

[] Get Updated facilitator photos + bios

[] Create event flyer

[] Create ticket link site

[] Create FB event

[] Create IG Story Marketing Campaign (5x stories with photo + logo)

[] Update Website link

[] Share on IG

[] Share on FB

[] Invite friends to FB event

[] Reach out to sponsors

[] Reach out to media

That is a great example on how to take something that may seem like an overwhelming task and break it down into bight size pieces so you stay on track and feel good about your progress along the way.

I love seeing a page filled with check marks. It is so fulfilling and makes me feel damn good. All my a-types out there know exactly what I am talking about.

Also, when you create clarity from the morning, you feel more in control of your day and have specific goals in mind so that you are more focused. Nothing like being a scatter brain to make your day completely unproductive.

I also add anything that's on my calendar and things I want to do for ME to my list so I can check them off as I go and remind myself...because, to be honest, I can be forgetful sometimes.

When something pops into my head during the day, I jot it down right away. With so much swirling around up there, the more I can get out and down on paper the better.

5. Daily Intentions

Now that you have your Success List ready to rock so you can DO more with your day, we go inwards and ask ourselves "how do I want to FEEL today?"

When you ask yourself this question, finding the answers helps you create the space necessary so that you can begin to cultivate the energy that you want to see, feel, experience and carry with you throughout the day.

Some of my faves include:

I am going to feel good all day

I am going to have fun while I play *(I call work play)

I am going to smile often

I am an abundant and powerful creator.

I will be focused and clear

I will be productive and use my time effectively.

I will be kind to myself and others.

I will be patient with myself and others.

When you ignite certain types of energy within you before you even start your work day, you set the stage for an intentional, empowered and conscious day.

Things might try and throw you off course, but when you have set the intention to feel a certain way, it is more likely that you will find ways to stay in, or come back to, that feeling.

Another thing to note is that the Universe LOVES clarity. So when you get clear on your morning intentions and already start to feel the feels, they will manifest quicker than if you are unclear and unintentional. Plus you will feel better during the day and when you feel better you are in a more open and allowing state for abundance, desires, aligned people and circumstances to enter your life. It is a necessary state to cultivate, otherwise you would be in a state of resistance. A lesson for another blog on another day...stay tuned.


This whole process can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. If it takes less then 60, I just enjoy my hot bevvie, be in a mindful and meditative state, set up my desk or do whatever else I am called to do before turning my phone off airplane mode.

Doing this every morning has drastically improved the productivity and emotional frequency of my days.

I instantly shift into a higher vibration, feel great and just have a damn good time all day.

The amount of abundance that is coming in has increased exponentially and the amount that I have gotten done is honestly mind blowing.

This simple one hour shift in my morning routine has been a game changer.

I invite you to adopt some of my routine or create your own. What I do recommend above anything else, is to keep your phone on airplane mode for a set amount of time in the morning and set yourself up energetically first so that you are calm, grounded, clear and vibrating high before you step into your day.

I would love to hear about your routine so email me at to tell me all about it and how it's working for you

NamaStay Real friends

Anna xo