6 Platforms That Will Help You Build + Run Your Online Biz Like A BOSS!

Building and running a business can be stressful. So many options, ideas and platforms OH MY!!!

That's why I have create this blog post. Because I get it.

I have made the mistakes, over paid and under used, tried a LOT of platforms and have boiled it down to 6 platforms that I LOVE and are easier on the bank account.


First I want to mention that I have tried a number of separate platforms that each had their own specialty and purpose, and I enjoyed them...BUT it was FKN expensive!!!

With Kajabi, you get an all-in-one platform for things like email marketing, landing pages, sales pages, shopping cart, website, blog, marketing funnels, online courses, webinar pipelines. It's all there in one system.

It's GREAT bang for your buck!

They also have amazing customer support and are really passionate about what they do and how they can make the experience easy and simple for you.

I used to pay like $500 a month for all of my platforms, and now I am paying more than half that for even more functionality.

What you would be paying is based on whatever package you would need, so I would highly recommend you check them out to get started or to streamline all of your platforms into a more cohesive and affordable bundle.

Click here for a direct link to Kajabi to see all of their amazing features.

Happy saving $$$ and growing your biz in so many magical and boss-like ways!


I have been using Zoom since the very beginning and I love it more with each passing day.

First off it's hella affordable or even free if you want the base features and it has everything you need to host and record your One-on-One sessions, discovery calls or group sessions.

You can also use the screen share feature to record tutorials, slide presentations or regular videos of you and your background to use for online programs, tutorials, workshops, bonus material for clients and lead magnets!

I just upgraded to add the Webinars feature where I ran a super successful online workshop from. It was a HIT and streamed perfectly.

What I have grown to truly appreciate is that you don't need super strong internet or wifi to have a good quality session. An internet connection of a minimum bandwidth of 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). Check your Internet bandwidth using Speedtest.

I would highly recommend Zoom and will continue using it for the lifetime of my business.

Click here to be taken straight to their site and happy face to face-ing or recording! ;)


It's no secret that I LOVE the Gram.

I love creating content, offering value, sharing stories and inspiration to my Gram Fam, but I know that planning and managing IG can sometimes be a bit stressful and spur of the 'oh shit I need to post' moment.

Well my friends I have found the secret sauce and solution for you.

Planoly is a super easy IG content management platform that does it all.

You can import media from your laptop or phone, plan out the look of your grid and set up future posts to auto post on the date and time of your choice.

You can add all of the details like location, tags, hashtags or even include hashtags in the first comment if you don't like to put it in the actual caption like I do.

I honestly love Planoly. From the user friendliness, to the layout, all of it's functions and especially the price point!!! It's $9USD a month! JACKPOT!

Click here and head on over to the IG solution of your dreams!! haha!

4. Adobe Lightroom

Ready to make your photo content look professional, every time?

Adobe Lightroom is a colour editing tool that helps you up level your photo content and makes your brand image look cohesive, polished and aesthetically pleasing for potential followers to fall in love with your look, so they are drawn in and then can fall in love with your content, you and what you have to offer.

You can create or even buy edit presets to use on all of your photos so they have the same look and colour vibe.

Really express yourself and your unique style through this tool and make your brand look professional and.... well.... pretty ;)

Click here to check out Adobe Lightroom and explore the other amazing apps they have like Photoshop, Premiere (video editing) and more!

5. Calendly

Gone are the days of going back and forth, wasting time, trying to find the right date for a meeting, client session or discovery call or double booking yourself! Whoops!

Calendly is a super easy way for your client bookings, setting healthy boundaries for your work-life balance availability and staying organized.

Calendly Syncs right with your Google Calendar so you have a clear view of all the things happening each day, week or month and can book your life accordingly.

I recommend this to every single one of my clients and suggest taking a serious look at when you are open and available for client sessions and meetings.

For example, I am unavailable for ANY booking on Sundays, Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

I keep all my sessions for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 11am-5pmEST.

Remember it's about having boundaries with your time so that you leave ample room for rest, relaxation, self-care, FUN and ofcourse building up other elements of your biz, so you can be in tip top shape and able to serve your clients at the higher level they deserve.

Click Here and happy work-life balancing and saving time!

6. Canva

If you are looking for a user friendly way to design and create basically everything you would ever need for your visual branding across all platforms of your business, Canva is your design BFF.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE using Canva and how much I can do and create with all of its features and functions.

Everything that you see on my IG posts, FB, Banners, even throughout my website pages...were made in Canva.

There is a free version but I highly recommend signing up for Canva Pro. It's super affordable at $9.95USD per month when paid annually or $12.95USD when paid monthly.

Totally worth it for it's additional features like being able to set up your own Brand Kit, and access to more tools.

It's wrth it for the Brand Kit alone! I have all of my specific brand fonts and colours preset so they are always right there at my fingertips which makes it so much faster for me when I am in creation mode or when my team is in there making magic happen.

Creating beautiful content that showcases your unique brand and speaks directly to your dream client is SO KEY to up levelling any business.

Click Here to head on over to Canva and GO PRO in your designs and your biz!