7 Ways To Align + Shine in Your Biz!

I remember starting my Sit With Anna brand and being equally as excited as I was scared. It was the first entrepreneurial venture I had been called to that truly resonated with me and felt like it was coming from such a deep, soul based place.

I had a 9-5 corporate job at the time, that I loved, so I spent evenings and weekends creating my brand and getting myself out there. After a couple of years of having it be my side passion, I look the plunge and quit my job so I could pursue it full time.

Throughout this time so many limiting beliefs filled my headspace which caused fear, doubt and stress. Thoughts like “Am I even capable of doing this?", " I have had ventures not pan out the way I had hoped before, maybe this is just another one!” “Can I be financially stable working for myself?” “Who will even want to work with me?", "How do I get enough clients to sustain my income?”, “Will I be able to travel and have freedom?”, "Other people are already doing this, will I stand out?"

The mind chatter would have gotten the best of me if I didn’t have practices in place to overcome and reprogram them, but also strategies in place to create the impact and income I knew, deep down, I was capable of.

I have learnt so much about myself and building a business during this process and I want to share some tips with you, someone who has been called to serve this world from a soul based place and is creating impact in your own unique way.... but may be feeling a wee bit stuck in the mental narratives of lack, scarcity, fear and doubt.


1. Check in with your mindset. What is your mind chatter telling you? Is it confident or is it scared? Is it feeling aligned or is it scattered? Does it have a clear vision or is it unsure? Is it worried about money or is it aligned with abundance? Is it making you feel worthy and valuable? Is it comparing you with others or is it grounded in your worth and value? The first step for any entrepreneur (or anyone really) is to check in with your mindset and work through any old, limiting beliefs about yourself, your potential, money and success so that you reprogram your mental narrative to be more empowered, confident, clear, authentic, abundant and to be in faith.

2. Align yourself with the right spiritual practices for where YOU are right now. So we know what we want, but are we open and aligned energetically to receive our dreams and desires? When you set yourself up with the right daily practices, you can unlock so much magic in your life. These differ person to person but working with things like meditation, affirmations, healing practices, journaling, and so much more, then you are able to cultivate the space needed for your dreams and goals to manifest. Also know that we are all on very different journeys and what works for someone might not work for you, so find what does and jump in. Find someone who is in this world and who resonates with you, and reach out to work with them and jumpstart your journey. We rise together!

3. Have powerful and strategic branding across your platforms. When people see your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, whatever platforms you use, does your audience see YOU? Do they hear your message? Is it clear what you offer and how you can help them? Do you have a niche that speaks to a specific demographic so they know they need to work with you?

We have such amazing tools that we can use to get our message out to the world and when we do it right, we can tap into a massive market for our products or services.

Strategy also includes how you package and offer your gifts and services. Are you over serving and under charging? Are you giving your clients well rounded support for their journey while maintaining your time freedom so you have the energetic bandwidth to not only serve them, but also yourself? The way we package and offer our services is a huge component and plays a major role in both our clients' and our own success.

4. Don't get caught up in comparisonitis, just do you. I have totally done this and know how shitty it feels. We see someone, perhaps in our industry or even just another entrepreneur, and judge ourselves if we aren't where they are, have as many followers, or are not living the same type of life that they have. Let me tell you, this is toxic not only for your mind but for your energy and level of attraction. When we are in 'jealousy' or 'envy' we repel from us that in which we want. So, the antidote for this is simple, bless bless bless.

When you see someone that has something that you want, something that you want to achieve, somewhere you want to go, something you admire in them, BLESS IT! Celebrate their successes and achievement with them!! This is where your true power kicks in and you elevate your vibration closer to that which you are trying to manifest!! This was a game changer for me and it will 100% have one in you if you are conscious of this!

5. There is enough to go around, there is more than enough.

So even though this topic falls under the mindset umbrella, I wanted to mention this on its own as it's super important, especially when you are starting out. If you think something has already been done, or too many people are already in the industry, or you could never make it because the market is too saturated, let me tell you something my friend, no one is YOU and no one has lived through your unique life, and that is what sets you apart.

When we create a business from an authentic place, something that truly represents us and our story, I can promise you, there are people who are waiting for you to share your gifts in the exact way you want to share them. The idea that we are in competition with each other is so deep in scarcity that it can not align you with abundance as they are opposite sides of the energetic scale.

6. Be Authentically YOU!

When you are creating, growing, and sharing your vision, make it look, sound and feel like YOU. Yes we can find inspiration from other people, but when something comes from your authentic voice it can resonate with others at a deeper level. When we are real, open and even vulnerable, we stand in our truth which gives other people permission to stand in theirs and they relate to us in a way that creates trust and connection. If you are selling a product or service, someone is more likely to invest their time and energy if they feel like they can trust you and feel like they know you. So be you, your story is worth sharing.

*Also an important thing to remember, as you are developing your biz, you are going to be developing as a person as well. So honour the changes that are happening within yourself and don't be scared to shift your vision if you are called to. Be open to change, flow and hey even a rebrand! Just as long as your biz is an aligned and authentic reflection of you, you are on the right track!

7. Live Your Life! Our minds, bodies and spirits need time for care, love, rest and FUN! You don’t become an entrepreneur to burn out, feel stressed and have no time to live your life! That is missing the whole point. When you get your mindset right, align your energy, have your branding strategy set up, the way you truly draw it all into your life is by LIVING YOUR LIFE! Honour your need to rest and unplug. Go play, have fun and chase joy! The Universe loves clarity just as much as it loves us being in a high vibration so it can give us all of the gifts it has waiting for us.

BONUS TIP: Call in, Connect and Convert Your Dream Client!

Call in: The first step to this is getting clear on who your dream client is! What are her paint points, what is she struggling with, what are her hopes and dreams. Again, the Universe loves clarity, but also your content and branding needs to be clear as well so when a prospect comes across your profile, page or offerings, they KNOW they need to work with you because you get them at a deep level and have the solution to their current challenges.

Connect: There are many ways to do this, through your posts, lead magnets, blogs, branding, but the underlying idea here is to have your dream client be engaged in what you have to say and offer so you can start a conversation that leads to a deeper connection and a level of trust.

Convert: Now this word seems "salesy" but that is not the case. Let's think of the word convert in terms of confidence, care and change. From a soul based place, you want to truly help this person transform or be empowered in some way and being confident in your abilities and building confidence with your potential client is the first step of conversion. Then you let them know that you truly and honestly care about them and their journey, because YOU DO! Then it's all about change. What changes should they be getting excited about and how can your unique gifts and offerings help them get there.

P.S. I can help you learn more on how you can apply these into your own life and biz so that you can create more impact and income while living the life of your dreams...because you are so worthy and capable, sometimes we just need to be shown the way.

Let's have a call and I will have you feeling clear, inspired and excited in no time!

CLICK HERE to set up a call and let's make some magic happen!

You are worthy of success.

You deserve abundance.

You are a powerful creator.

You are ready for more magic!

We rise together!

Your siStar in Shine,

Anna xo

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