Stop Trying To Manifest Your Dreams!

You are hustling, you are grinding, you're doing all of the practices, yet you can't seem to crack through to a higher level. You are getting frustrated and wondering why this whole manifestation business isn't working for you.

You want your dreams and desires to come true so badly, but are slowly losing faith that you can even create your reality at all.

Know what my friend, you are trying way too friggin' hard.

You are forcing.

You are pushing.

You are paddling upstream.

You need to stop.

Just stop.

You need to start allowing!

So, let's break this down shall we?

Everything is energy.

That which is like itself is drawn.

Thoughts create emotions and emotions create a frequency.

The frequency is then transmitted into the ether and attracts people, situations and circumstances that will match that same frequency.

So what do you want?

Really get clear on what you are asking for.

Now, visualize yourself achieving or receiving said dream or desire.

Really feel the feelings (this is a key go all in).

How would you feel, how would you look , what would your life look like, how would you think, feel and act? Embody it! Feel it permeate into your mind, body and spirit!

Now, let it go.

Yup. Let go.

Your work, everyday, is to feel those feelings, as much as humanly possible.

You need to FEEL FUCKIN GOOD!!!! Like so damn good. Chase joy, play and be in high vibration thoughts, feelings and actions!

All of this with coupled with an unwavering, confident, faith and trust that you are in a state of allowing for your dreams and desires to flow easily to you. So much so, that you feel that they are already here, but the Universe is just waiting for divine and perfect timing to present it you you.

We try too hard. We think that it is through action that manifestation comes faster, but 99.9% of your work is to feel the feels, have unwavering faith and stay excited!

You have no fucking idea how certain things will manifest. We have such a teeny tiny radar screens when it comes to the potentiality of our dreams coming to fruition.

You don't know what you don't know!

We think 'well maybe I can make 10K this month from this, this or that route' and hey I am sure you can, but we are so limited in our vision sometimes that we close ourselves off to the infinite nature of the Universe.

What you have to focus on is the 10K and how fan-fucking-tastic you would feel when it hits your bank account.

What would you feel?









Great! Now go and feel that way every day and call in that money purely based on your level of vibration, expectation and belief.

Yes, go and throw in some time for your soul hustle. Network and play and create, but know that the Universe only responds to your vibration, not your action.

So when you work, let it be play.

Let it be inspired and aligned.

Let it feel good.

Speak about yourself, your life and your potential the way you would WHEN YOU HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED OR RECEIVED!

I am successful.

I am capable.

I am worthy.

I am proud of myself.

I am confident.

I am at ease.

I am in flow.

I love my life.

I am abundant.

I am so fucking grateful.


Declare it.

Shout it out!

Get clear.

Get excited.

Celebrate yourself.

Do things every day that make you feel good, that increase your level of belief, that put you into a state of pure joy, excitement and power!

Here is a way that I have been using for the last 6 months, for both myself and my clients, and the results have been so incredible!

This is something that you have to go all in for!


1. Write down 3 things you want to manifest in the next 10 days.

(Make sure your level of belief is high that you will achieve them. So saying I want to hit the lottery and win 30 million may be a bit out of reach for you.)

Example: I want to manifest $1000 in abundance, heck even $100 in abundance is a great place to start.

2. Create statements of emotion filled gratitude for each one. How would you feel?

Example: I am so grateful for the $1000 of abundance that I manifested. I am so friggin excited!! Man I feel so relieved and at ease that I have this extra money in my account. I am such a powerful creator. The Universe always provides. etc.

3. Create a 'Things I Manifested List' that you keep track of daily.

Every single thing that you manifest (finding money on the street, a free coffee, an opportunity, a sale on a pair of shoes you've been eyeing) write it ALL down!

What this does is creates a higher level of belief and expectation that you are, in fact, creating your reality and already receiving abundance in so many forms. The more you take notice of all of the abundance that is already here, the more abundance you will attract! Makes sense right?!

4. Create your powerful I AM statements. These will get your mindset in the right place so that your feelings can be in tune with a high state of allowing. Remember, it all starts in the mind.

Some examples are above, and you can tailor them to fit your specific goals.

Extra Examples: I am worthy of abundance. I am a powerful creator. I feel good and have fun all day long. I am in complete trust and faith in myself and the Universe to provide, etc etc etc.

5. Go feel damn good my friend, and see the magic.

Do your daily practices to keep yourself vibing high, celebrate every time you receive any form of abundance or see any signs or synchronicities. Magic is everywhere, look for it!

Know that when you set the intention to feel good and have fun all day, that it is solely your responsibility to maintain that high level of vibration. No matter what's going on around you, commit to yourself. High vibes, high manifestation power.

The more you believe, the more you will receive.

The better you feel, the more you will yield.


Please, please, please comment on this blog or email me after you try this amazing activity. I would LOVE to hear your feedback and what magic unfolded for you.

It has helped me manifest my highest ever earnings and has added so much magic and fun to my life, and my clients lives.

Get Clear.

Get excited.

And allow.

Happy playing!!

NamaStay Real,

Anna xox $$ <3 <3 **

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