20 Books That are Magic

Well it's no secret that I love books.

I love learning, expanding my mind, seeing things from new perspectives and gaining new tools for myself and my clients to rock life with.

I am basically obsessed with self development books. Some I have read more then once, others I started reading and then picked back up months or years later, but either way, I am always reading, or listening to, a book. It makes my heart so happy and my soul so full.

So this blog has been long overdue, which means this list is going to be long as well. Even though I am recommending books in most of my MondYay Memos, it's nice to have them all in one place.

Here are some amazing books that have made an impact, shifted my perspective, taught me important lessons, inspired me or have moved me in some way.

I have also made a quick and easy way to grab these books or audios via amazon so you can kick off 2019 with a book bang!!