Can being healthier be as easy as switching your coffee brand?

So I will admit, you would have never heard me call myself a coffee drinker. I tried to like it for many years. When I needed a little pep in my step or just to enjoy it, since it smells so darn good, but it just didn't agree with me.

Being someone who had, and manages, anxiety, regular coffee would make me feel...for lack of a better word...sketchy AF. Even people who aren't anxious day to day report feeling jittery after drinking coffee.

I would spend an hour or two after drinking a coffee trying to breathe deeper to calm down my heart and jittery body. On top of that it would make my stomach feel no bueno, so I stopped drinking it.

Well, the tables have turned...this girl is officially a coffee drinker now.

How did this happen?

Well, I was introduced to an extract called Ganoderma Lucidum and it's changing the hot beverage game in a revolutionary way.

Let me explain.

There is a something called a reishi mushroom, and it has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to heal a wide variety of ailments happening in, and on the human body. It was once such a valuable resource that if you were caught stealing one, you would get your hand chopped off! Crazy but it proves the point of how powerful and valued this mushroom was and is.

So, Ganoderma Lucidum, an extract from the Reishi mushroom, is infused into these 100% certified organic coffees, teas and other hot bevvies made by a company called Organo Gold, which makes it a powerhouse for overall wellbeing.

SOME OF THE AMAZING BENEFITS INCLUDE: (and are all backed up by an overwhelming number of public medical documents)

-Powerful antioxidants

-Helps reduce and flush out free radicals from the body

-200 minerals per beverage

-Reduces Inflammation ( a major cause of a LOT of physical illnesses)

-Helps with pain management

-Reduces headaches + migraines

-Detoxifies body and organs

-Increases immunity (perfect for cold and flu season)

-Helps with seasonal allergies

-Helps the body's PH balance become alkaline (regular coffee is acidic and that's before sugar is added which makes it even more acidic. Remember, cancer cells thrive in an acidic body so being mindful of your PH level is extremely important. This coffee is 7ph Neutral)

-Helps heal the body from the inside out

-Cholesterol and blood pressure regulation

-Promotes blood circulation

-Helps to heal various skin issues and conditions like acne and eczema

-Increases energy without jitters or a crash

-Helps increase mood and balances emotions

-Helps with cognitive function, memory and focus

-Contains adaptogens that help calm anxiety and stress

-Helps with sleep quality

-Oh and it can actually promote weight loss (I laugh at this because, like, how friggin' awesome is that..just by drinking coffee!)

.....and on top of all of that magic, it tastes f'in delicious!

I drink it black and I barely ever drank black coffee before.

With products like black coffee, lattes, mochas, hot chocolates, red tea, green tea and more, you have lots of options on turning a daily hot bevvie habit into a powerful daily self care practice, just by switching a routine that you already do!

The kicker is, it's hella affordable and it's not an added expense. It's a more affordable, and more premium replacement for money you spend on coffee anyways! JACKPOT!

For example, it comes to $1 per Black Coffee package. You aren't finding that deal at your local coffee shop that's for sure, especially with all of those amazing benefits.

So as you can tell, I am excited, and slightly obsessed!

So here is some feedback, thoughts and results I have enjoyed thus far:

ENERGY: I have drank the Reishi black coffee every morning, on an empty stomach (which would usually make me feel nauseas on top of sketchy with regular coffee) and I have felt ZERO sketch, heart racing or belly upset. Just a natural increase in energy, focus, clarity and productivity. The funny this is, I almost sit there in fear or expectation of the sketch to come, and it never has. Mind. Blown.

I was also finding it hard to get up in the mornings but after just a couple days of drinking my black coffee, I have had an easier time getting up earlier. Hallelujah!

MOOD: The week before I started drinking this coffee, I was having a pretty low energy week, but damn, that turned around in a noticeable way. I have even more of a pep in my step and am so motivated and cheery. Yes I am usually like that, but i'll tell you when winter rolls around I get a little blah.... not with this coffee though!

PAIN: For a little while now, a couple times a week and then a little more constantly, I was feeling some joint pain in my hands and wrists when I woke up. (Talk about feeling old jeez louise). After about 2-3 days of drinking the coffee, I haven't felt the pain in the mornings at all!! Guess when they say it helps with inflammation and pain management they weren't kidding!


If you want to make the switch for 30 days, save money on your hot bevvie budget and see what benefits you receive and enjoy, then click the link below, pick which beverages you want to try and kablamo, you are on your way to a healthy habit.

Make sure you choose the right country on the main page before starting your order. There is a little U.S Flag at the top right that will give you your options.

My fave is the BLACK COFFEE and I sneak in a box of the HOT COCOA to add to my coffees every once and a while for a little treat, its also great to give to kids so they can enjoy the benefits as well!

Click here to browse the bevvies and other Ganoderma Lucidum infused products for skin care, weight loss and more.


Anna xo

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