Mindful Gift Giving 101

Well folks it's that time of year again, the holidays!

As much as I believe it is a time of year to create memories with friends and family, I know how many of you want to buy gifts for your loved ones.

We all have so much, and we often get and give gifts that we don't necessarily need or won't put to good use.

I have hand picked these with the hope that they add more mindfulness, consciousness, self care, light, intention, love and health into the lives of the people they are being gifted to.

They also make great gifts all year round or for YOURSELF! So why not treat yo'self too!


1. Always x Always

This unique brand makes extremely high quality yoga mats, and an assortment of other awesome palm leaf pattern items like throw pillows, journals, cards, phone cases and more.

Click here to check out their shop.

2. Palo Santo Supply Co

Well it's no secret that this is my fave brand for Palo Santo wood. They also create aroma sprays and essential oils from this holy wood as well that will add more calm, high vibes and clarity to anyone who uses them.

*Great stocking stuffers

Click here to check out their products. Use ANNA15 for 15% off your cart ;)

3. Chic Made Consciously

So getting someone accessories may not seem so mindful, but the mission behind this brand sure is! They create their beautiful line of accessories in a sustainable way supporting communities in Bali.

Click here to check out their brand and mission.

4. Mala Prayer

Well folks, besides my glasses, I wear my Mala necklace and bracelet every day! Not only are they so well made and fashionable, but they carry with them high vibes from the crystals and gemstones they are made with. Lots of varieties for your mindful friends and fam.

Click here to check out their shop.

5. Intention Band Ring

This super cute and mindful stocking stuffer is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little bit more intention into their day. I wear mine all the time. After setting my morning intentions I have a physical reminder to carry their energy with me all day. They work so well and have helped me stay in a good feeling place all day. Grab a bunch and spread some good intentions!

Click here to check out their shop.

6. Beekeeper's Naturals

These incredible natural products contain propolis which is a powerful immune protector, sore throat relief, brain function support and is amazing for overall wellbeing, made by our little friends, the bees. This company also supports preservation and protection of bee hives across North America. A great gift for friends and fam, especially during the winter months.

*Great stocking stuffers or basket fillers

Click here to learn more and to shop

7. Well Told Health

Focused on keeping it clean and simple, this brand creates pure whole food supplements and boosters to help with things like energy, sleep, inflammation and more. Non GMO, vegan and organic, these are a great gift for everyone for overall health. They also donate 1% of proceeds to help get fresh fruits and veggies to families in North America.

*Great stocking stuffers or basket fillers

Click here to learn more and to shop

8. Matcha Ninja

Well it is no secret that I love my matcha lattes, cause they are delish, but it's also a huge bonus that matcha has so many health benefits. Three times more antioxidants then green tea, natural energy, immune support and improved memory and focus. For any of your friends and fam trying to kick the coffee habit or wanting to kick up their green tea game, this is a great way to do just that. (Or because they are obsessed with them like I am)

*Great stocking stuffer or basket filler

Click here to learn more and to shop

9. Karlyn Percil's Success Planner

This success and results driven planner includes tools based on the latest neuroscience research and is the perfect gift for the go-getter in your tribe (or for you so you can kick some 2019 butt). Goal achieving, inspirational and high vibe setting, this planner can help you get from idea to manifestation with clarity and ease.

Click here to learn more and to shop!

10. Artfully Healthy's Inspirational 2019 Calendar

This beautiful hand crafted calendar will have your friends and family inspired and day dreaming. Each month has a captivating quote and lovely hand drawn image that will brighten up any house or office space.

Click here to preview the calendar and buy one.


11. Rock Your Anxiety Online Program - Gift Card

Anxiety and stress is something that so many of us are struggling through or suffering with, but we don't have to anymore!! If you know someone who can use some help with managing their anxiety and you want to gift them inner peace, then this is a gift that will keep on giving.

Click here to purchase a redeemable gift card for the program

*If you would like to gift this to yourself so you can give yourself more inner peace and start 2019 off with a more calm and an empowered mindset, then click here

12. VitalKi Holistic Services (Serving the Greater Toronto Area from Vaughan)

Giving the gift of healing and self care is one of the most mindful gifts of all. With services ranging from reiki, fascial stretch therapy, acupuncture, chakra balancing and more, healers and holistic practitioners Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio will help your loved ones, or yourself, heal, align, feel great and vibrate higher.

Click here to learn about their services and to buy a gift card.


I have chosen two companies that have amazing bundles and boxes. One from Canada and one for my friends in the U.S.

12. Parkdale Butter Co.

Toronto, Ontario based company offering a wonderful self care kit that is a perfect gift for loved ones which includes natural body products, sage, affirmation cards and more. Also bonus of free shipping across Canada.

Click here to see all of the items offered and to grab this kit

13. Blue Print Botanicals

Denver, Colorado based company is offering an enchanting, create your own holiday gift box where you can hand pick what beautiful, natural and high vibe items go into the box. It is stunning and made with so much love. They also have individual items you can choose from, but the gift box is where it's at!

Click here to check out this item and more of their magical products.

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