The Sacred Plant that Changed Everything

You can now listen to the Audio Blog version, narrated by yours truly, by clicking the play button below. Enjoy!

Sitting in a dark room with men and women, on their single serving mats around the perimeter of a rectangle shaped room, a Shaman sitting against the wall across from me illuminated only by the moonlight coming through a few small windows, many thoughts start racing through my mind. The biggest and loudest of them being "what are you even fucking doing here Anna?", "do you really want to face your deepest darkest thoughts?", "are you even ready for this?", "what am I going to hallucinate visions of?" "am I in over my head?", "am I really expected to puke into this bucket?".

I had never taken anything, or enough of anything, at that point in my life to hallucinate or see anything that wasn't there to begin with. I was scared shitless. I tried to seem cool, calm and collected but I couldn't be further from those emotions.

I had just scratc