Palo Who? Your guide to using Palo Santo.

So you may, or may not have, heard about Palo Santo Wood and wondered "what is it, how the heck do I use this and when should I use it?"

Well your questions have been answered in this short "how to" video where I share a little bit about this holy wood, where it comes from, how to use it and some suggested times you can enjoy it's benefits.

I have teamed up with Palo Santo Supply Company and am happy to extend a 15% off coupon code for all of my friends to enjoy off of their cart! Bonus!!

Use Code: ANNA15 upon check out!

Enjoy the video, grab your Palo Santo bundle and share your photos and IG stories with us by tagging me @sitwithanna + @palosantosupply for us both to share on our profiles!!

We are in this together!

NamaStay Real my friends! Happy Palo Santo-ing!

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