5 ways to stay grounded while traveling.

To my fellow conscious wanderlusters.... as we embark on our many adventures around the world we might find ourselves not being truly present in our new surroundings and our trip ends up being a blur and passing us by way too quickly.

I am in week 5 of my current adventure in Europe and throughout I have been testing different ways that I can be more present, soak up every moment and fully enjoy all that I am here to see and experience.

Here are a few ways that I have found helpful:

1. Airplane Mode is the best mode

During my day trips and city roaming I have thoroughly enjoyed putting my phone on airplane mode to shut out the multiple Whatsapp group chats, texts and phone calls that really do not need my attention during the day. Everyone can wait to hear back from you... and you do not need to be on Instagram every two minutes... you can snap your photos and post them when you get back to your home base. Even your Instastories... capture them and simply save them for posting later. Nobody is biting their nails in suspense wondering what you are doing at that very moment.

2. Find your breath

During car rides, walking through new cities, or settling into a nature spot, take a few minutes to simply breathe consciously. Full, deep and complete breath cycles while observing and enjoying the sights and sounds can bring you back to the present moment and help you soak up all of the magic that surrounds you.

3. That primitive pen and paper

Having a journal with you to simply document what you have done, how you are feeling or anything you are inspired to write is a great way to be present and in the moment. Writing down things that you are grateful for that day is another way to increase your level of vibration and make you feel good.

4. Learn a little bit

While you are sightseeing and discovering new places, taking the time to learn a little bit about where you are and it's history really helps give you a bigger perspective and makes you feel more connected. Going around and simply snapping a photo of a place is not the best way to take home that memory. Fun facts, stories, history and the culture is what makes that place what it is... so take the time to learn about it and get a bigger appreciation of everything that surrounds you.

5. Turn off your damn notifications

Having email and social media notifications popping up on your home screen is a sure way to be distracted and be pulled away from the present moment. TURN THEM OFF!! This applies for when you are at home as well by the way. Also, if airplane mode scares you then try the Do Not Disturb setting as a gateway into silence and solitude. It's a beautiful thing, I promise you.

Happy traveling friends.

One breath, one moment , one unanswered text at a time.

xo Anna

[photo taken on the island of Gramvousa, Chania, Greece]

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