The Happiness Zeitgeist. It's okay to not be okay.

It's okay to not be okay.

On the verge of the full moon and with all these emotions bubbling to the surface I was compelled to write about something that many of us have fallen victim to...the happiness zeitgeist. The idea that we need to be happy and positive all of the time or else we are somehow failing at life or how we are ashamed of feeling sad, frustrated, upset, overwhelmed, scared or insecure. That the journey of self development and meditation is only about feeling good and trying to dismiss or skip over any negativity or lower frequency emotions we may feel.

It's not about always needing to be happy or thinking positively and having that be the measure of a successful life. It is about being aware, compassionate and accepting of all of the emotions that you are having. Allowing yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel. Knowing that those darker places are apart of your journey into higher levels of strength, healing and growth.

If we stop avoiding our feelings and simply listen, with a compassionate ear, we can learn a great deal about what our mental narrative is trying to tell us and where we may have some more healing to do. We just need to be honest and real with ourselves.

Through our emotions we gain so much insight and introspection into ourselves and our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, that we need to start treating them as welcomed teachers and not as the unwanted enemy. What our mind is telling us shares with us the deeper, perhaps darker, part ourselves that is in need of some attention, love and healing.

With such complex pasts and experiences, attempting to force ourselves into a singular and limited range of emotions, is going against the very nature of what it is to be human in the first place. We are created of, and living through, contrast, duality and polarity.

We must honour the balance that we are made of and pay attention to both sides of our vast spectrum. To focus too much on the light, will cause an inner imbalance, just as focusing too much on the dark will as well. We must lean into and allow any and all aspects of our being to be heard, felt, processed and understood.

Without feeling, processing and ultimately releasing our emotions, they get stuck within our physical body. Emotions are energy-in-motion, so they need to be expressed or they will become repressed and stagnant, causing energetic imbalances and after longer periods of time, manifest into physical illness. So feel it out, work it out, let it out.

You must feel it in order to heal it.

If we could lay off the blind pursuit of positivity and just be okay with being real fucking human beings that are living, a sometimes turbulent, emotional and contrast filled life, then we would be able to heal so much more and reconnect to your truth at such a higher level.

We came here to experience and expand, not to limit and contract.

Happiness and positivity become a byproduct of a life WELL lived, not a life half lived.

Be real.

Be open.

Be honest.

Be human.

You are light.

You are darkness.

You are polarity.

You are contrast.

Be compassionate.

Be kind to yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Take care of yourself.

Thank yourself.

Know yourself.

Love yourself.

...and most of all... NamaStay REAL

xo Anna

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