Who's this Sit With Anna chick anyways...?

Well it's a bit forward of me to just ask you to sit with me, no dinner, no flowers, so I will throw down some context to help you ease your way into your meditation chair.

My name is Anna... hi there.

I thought I would start from setting some shit straight right off the hop...

I am not your typical meditation coach.

I am not perfect.

I don't do yoga every day.

I have days where I don't want to do ANYTHING at all.

I have a stack of unread books collecting dust.

I eat things I shouldn't.

I am not opposed to having a few bevvies and a good time.

I have a bit of a trucker mouth... ok maybe more than 'a bit'.

But what I know for damn sure is that I have a beautiful obsession with fully enjoying my life. Seeking more of myself and my environment, growing and learning as much as I can, being authentic to myself and my own true nature, becoming more connected with my inner peace and higher self and of course sharing my story and passion in order to help others be happier and more fulfilled in their own lives.

In my (just turned) 31 years I have grown from the girl who was suffocated by anxiety, had no confidence, no self worth, no drive, no ambition... into a woman who has never been more sure of who she is, where she is going, what she is worth, what she is capable of and how she wants to feel.

My self development journey has allowed me to understand my anxiety issues, heal past wounds, forgive myself and others, grow a new excitement for life, and truly become ... myself.

The last 7 years have been filled with self development books, audios, videos, retreats, seminars, schooling, certifications, trips, workshops, Ayahuasca and spiritual healing ceremonies, meditation, journaling and coaching. All of these, and a burning desire to find peace and happiness, has brought me to a point where I can finally see so much of my life with such clarity. A gift I truly wish to help others find in themselves. It is the most important journey you will ever take.

So let this be the beginning of a new adventure into 'self'.

Let's journey together. Let's rise together. Let's live life together.

NamaStay Real!!!!!

xo Anna

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