Retreat Facilitation

As the trend of wellness retreats continues to grow around the world, adding in custom and tailored meditations, mindfulness practices and self awareness elements for your guests is a great way to stand out.  Custom programs including elements like private one-on-one sessions, daily meditations and workshops,  Anna provides a unique and powerful experience for your guests to benefit most from the time they are dedicating to their self care and self development. 

Corporate Wellness

By implementing work place mindfulness and mental health programs your staff will not only enjoy being at the office more, but will work more efficiently, be happier and feel better during their day to day tasks.  This new trend is being regarded as one of the most important additions to any forward thinking company and its benefits have been highly regarded by many leading experts. 

Public Speaking

Are you hosting an event and want to give your guests a mind, heart and soul opening experience? Anna delivers a powerful and connective talk that speaks to the innate part of each person who is ready to release limiting beliefs, feel good, calm the soul, expand the mind and tap into their inner power. Her relatable and straight forward, yet impactful delivery will have your audience laughing, participating, connecting and feeling empowered. 

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