Digital Offerings

Align + Shine E-Booklet

Free Digital Download created for the soulful siStar entrepreneur who is ready to leave the 1:1 hustle behind and create more impact and income while serving this world with her magical gifts.

+ Bonus tips and digital affirmation card


Biz Magic Memo

An email memo offering free business and mindset tips for soulful siStar entrepreneurs. You'll receive helpful heart-work, action items and inspo coming straight to your inbox! 

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Magic Mindset Episode 1

FREE Mini Online Course

 FREE mini online course:

  • Empowering 30 minute audio lesson with Mindset Coach Anna Gala 

  • Law of Attraction Demystified so it's less abstract and more attainable

  • Discover 7 Potential Abundance Blockers and how to overcome them

  • Shift Your Mindset so you can tap into your power of creation and feel good

  • Simple tools and techniques to have you attracting abundance with more flow and fun

  •  1 x 10 minute Manifestation Meditation so you can increase your powers of attraction

  • 2 x Activity Worksheets to help you implement and integrate into your daily practice



'My Inner Peace' Program

My Inner Peace  is 14 day Anxiety Management Program where you will learn how to ease, manage and overcome your anxiety. 


You will learn tools and techniques to calm your mind chatter and reconnect to your inner stillness.  You will learn how to connect to the present moment, where anxiety does not have power. You will learn how to thank your anxiety (crazy I know...just trust me), so that you can learn from it rather then be a victim of it. 


Value Included $651