Ok be real with me, are you...

unsure how to build your biz so your profits can match your impact

finding it difficult to show up as an authority or create content that converts

done spending so much time and energy on IG with inconsistent results

want to know how to create offers that sell at any price point

would love to earn more income without having to trade more of your time for money

you want to change your life, while changing lives...that's the ultimate win for you!

you want to build a soulful biz that you love and are proud of

I see you.
I hear you.
I got you.

It doesn't have to feel so hard!


overcoming limiting beliefs and attracting more opportunities and abundance

growing a tribe of dedicated followers and fans who love, trust and buy from you.

creating content that connects with and converts followers into paying clients

booking in consistent clients and not worrying about money, so you can just ENJOY your biz

showing up like a boss in your biz and life and owning your true value and worth $

confidently selling at any price point and closing more sales from a place of soul and service 

changing your life by changing lives while feeling fulfillment and freedom

eliminating the idea overload and having a step by step system to build your dream biz

What is ASM?

The Aligned siStar Mastermind is a 12 Week business incubator for siStar soulpreneurs and coaches ready to change their lives by changing lives! #LifeGoals, am I right?


Show up and think like a BOSS


up level your mindset, habits and routines that will have you not only feeling like a boss, but attracting more opportunities and abundance like the worthy and deserving human you are

Attract More Dream Clients


get super clear on your niche and dream client blueprint so you can start calling her in like a magnet and connect with her on a deeper more meaningful level

Make more money in less time


get out of the 1:1 hustle and time-for-money mentality and learn how to leverage digital products to increase the value of your offers, so you make more without spending more of your precious time

Go from POST to PAID

step by step guidance on how to create captivating and high converting content and optimize your IG profile so that you are positioned as an expert and can turn more followers into paying clients

Confidently create and sell irresistible offers at any price 


learn how to strategically structure offers that SELL at any price point and feel confident selling, closing sales and overcoming objections so you can get more YESES and change more lives...including your own!

Be supported and cheered on by a group of epic likeminded siStars

Entrepreneurship can feel lonely sometimes, cause if you're not an entrepreneur...you just don't get it! Being surrounded by likeminded siStars is a powerful way to RISE together!




In order to attract high end clients, opportunities and abundance, you have to up level your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs while reprogramming your way of thinking for higher levels of impact,  abundance and success. You are the energy you attract, so it’s time to shift into a higher frequency siStar and embody your future self potential.

Get excited to explore mindset techniques, commit to daily practices  and learn the habits of successful people that will have you thinking, feeling, speaking and attracting like the abundant boss you REALLY are!


You were meant for more girl, let’s get you breaking through to the next level and living your dream life ASAP!



Creating client clarity and defining your niche is a key step to building a dedicated and aligned tribe of followers who are ready to say YES and commit to you. 


You will learn how to call in your dream client, grow an aligned following and connect with them on a deeper level through captivating content that will have them wondering how you got in their heads and where you’ve been all their lives. 


Discover the art of creating viral content and crafting copy that forge connection and awareness around your dream clients' challenges and struggles, while positioning you as an expert and the perfect guide to get them and their goals, so you can turn followers into paying clients.


Okay so you now have a tribe of dedicated followers that are engaged and trust that you’ve got the goods to help them to their goals, it’s time to learn how to create irresistible offers that will sell at any price point!  From $27 to $7K, plug and play into whatever program options feels good for you right now, and rinse and repeat at anytime at any price.

Learn how to increase your value, worth and authority so that you not only shift into a higher level of personal belief, but so your dream client can see your value too! Building buyer confidence and trust is key, because without it your DC won't commit to you and your program...so let's get you seen as the expert you truly are!




Magnetize your dream clients to you, book more sales calls and build the confidence to actually SELL at ANY price from a place of service, soul and alignment so you can change more lives, including your own!


Get a step by step guide on how to get more YESES and change more lives, including your own.

Shifting into  5 figure months is available to you and I will help you not only shift into the mindset and frequency of this level of abundance, but break it down in a practical way so you can make your way into more and more abundance and impact.


GO IT ALONE and waste years trying to figure it out while missing out on $1000s of dollars of income and client opportunities.

GO IT TOGETHER and build your dream biz in less time so you can change your life
by changing lives!



50+ Informative + Inspiring Videos:

These concise and easy to digest lessons will give you all of the knowledge, tools and strategies you'll need to break through to the next level of your impact and income.

VALUE $3,947

Support from Anna's AssiStar Coach Crystal

You can feel even more supported and accountable by not just one, but 2 coaches.

VALUE $1,447

8 Insightful Reference Guides

Thoughtfully curated to be a resource you can reach for as you continue to uplevel your biz. 

VALUE $477

14 Tech-Made-Easy Tutorials

Anna and the SWA team will show you easy to follow videos and share tips on how to effectively utilize a number of different platforms like a boss.

VALUE $657

5 One Click Photo Presets

Make your photos look professional with the magic of just one click so your IG feed is looking high end and aesthetically pleasing.


siStar Community Group Chat:

A Whatsapp group so we can cheer each other on, share stories, celebrate successes, ask questions and stay up to date.

VALUE $447

LIVE Weekly Q+A Sessions with Anna

Ask Anna anything regarding the program so you can gain more clarity, feel more inspiration and enjoy the collective energy and support of a mastermind group and siStarhood...because we rise together.

VALUE $1,200

3 x 60 minute 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions:

Get 1:1 time with Anna so she can guide you through your journey with more clarity, focus, inspiration and empowerment.

10 Clarity Creating Worksheets

Designed to help you move forward in your biz with more focus, inspiration, insight and confidence.

VALUE $1,497

3 Mindset Reprogramming Audios

Work through subconscious blocks with these powerful audio recordings. Includes Anna's Signature Reveal, Feel, Heal guided visualizations.

VALUE $997

30 Plug and Play IG Viral Templates

Take the guesswork out of your IG posts with these totally customizable templates. Create a beautiful, cohesive feed that flows and turns followers into paying clients.

VALUE $297

VALUE $420

8 Recorded Guided Meditations  strategically placed throughout the program to up level your mindset and energy so you can step into your next level self.

VALUE $997

 Aligned siStar Tribe online community
Gain access to Anna, her team and a tribe of like-minded siStars where you will enjoy curated and aligned support.

VALUE $997

Access to 5 x 60 minute Guest Expert Group Sessions

Recorded Sessions where leaders in their industries give us tools, techniques and practices to up level the way we think, speak, feel, heal, expand, succeed and align our minds, bodies, energy, businesses and lives.

VALUE $1,997



Design Support 

We help you create on brand and viral IG content so you can attract your dream clients and convert more followers into paying clients

VALUE $997

WhatsApp Support from Anna

Work through anything that is coming up for you throughout the program, celebrate any successes and get a deeper level of guidance and support.

VALUE $1,497



Aligned siStar Mastermind

next group kicks off

Monday Sept 7th 2020

Doors close Aug 31st 2020

Hey siStar

It's your soul siStar + coach, Anna Gala aka Sit With Anna.

After years of struggling with anxiety, getting comfortable in a corporate job (that I loved but wasn't fulfilling me on a deeper level), and feeling lost about what my purpose was, I sit before you today a changed woman. 

Leaving my job, completing multiple courses and certifications and endless lessons learnt during the 5+ years of launching and building my soulful biz, has brought together all of the elements and the essence of this powerful program.

My purpose is to help impact driven soulful siStar entrepreneurs, like you, who are making a difference in this world, change their life while changing lives. #LifeGoals, am I right?

I make 4X my corporate income, can work from anywhere in the world, have a team working with me, went from Coach to CEO all while fulfilling my souls purpose to SERVE and I would LOVE to show you the steps and strategies so you can achieve your dreams too.