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After years of suffering with anxiety and experiencing an anxiety attack, I dove into the self development world in search of inner peace and self love.

What I found, was much more than that. This path inspired me to get my Meditation Teacher Training and Sit With Anna was born.

After moonlighting as a Meditation and Self Empowerment coach for a few years, while still working in my corporate 9-5, I decided to take the leap by quitting my job and went all in to my path of purpose and impact. 

After earning double my corporate income, I realized that I had a lot of knowledge in building an impact driven, soulful business and wanted to share what I knew with fellow soulpreneurs. That’s when I decided to fully focus on Soulful Business Coaching and it is truly the most fulfilling and inspiring work i’ve ever done.


What drives me every day is the deep desire to help fellow siStar soulpreneurs align their mindset, energy and soulful businesses
strategies in order to attract a tribe that loves, trusts and buys from them so they can fulfil their souls purpose of making a positive impact while living a more abundant, freedom filled and joyous life.

It’s not just about business strategy... it’s about viewing our businesses as an extension of ourselves and realizing that to create an abundant and fulfilling biz, we have to nurture and cultivate an abundant and fulfilling inner world; mind, energy, body, soul, business.

Certified Meditation Facilitator ( Naturality, Canadian Yoga Alliance)

Spiritual Healing, Energy Transfer & Chakra Balancing


Psycho-Spiritual Life Coaching 

(Transformational Arts College)

Business Coaching 1:1 Program

Vanessa Ferraro

1:1 VIP Coaching Program

Namaste Jenay