Anna Gala is a Soulful Business Coach on a mission to help siStar entrepreneurs, who are making a difference in this world, create more impact, earn more income and build the fulfilling and abundant business of their dreams.



Through a combination of mindset reprogramming, mindful business techniques, branding up levelling and soulful sales strategies Anna helps siStar entrepreneurs reach higher levels of success and align with more abundance in all areas of their life as a result.


After years of struggling with anxiety, being stuck in limiting beliefs about money and her potential, getting comfortable in a corporate job, and feeling lost about what her purpose was, she has broken out of the status quo,  paved her own path and is living her dream life of working remotely from anywhere in the world.


Having created a successful soulful coaching business and brand, she has brought together all of her education, experience and expertise and fused it with her spiritual, mindful and conscious values to create the essence of her mission, programs and offerings.

Certified Meditation Facilitator ( Naturality, Canadian Yoga Alliance)

Spiritual Healing, Energy Transfer & Chakra Balancing


Psycho-Spiritual Life Coaching 

(Transformational Arts College)

Business Coaching 1:1 Program

Vanessa Ferraro

1:1 VIP Coaching Program

Namaste Jenay