Mindset +  Biz Coach

I help soulful siStar entrepreneurs that are stuck in the 1:1 hustle, up level their mindset, biz strategy and point of attraction so they can live a life with more freedom, fulfilment, abundance and joy while positively impacting this world with their magical gifts.

Ways you can sit with Anna

Aligned siStar Mastermind

A program for a siStar entrepreneur who is stuck in the 1:1 hustle and is ready to up level her biz strategy and mindset to create more impact and income.

Align + Shine
VIP Biz Upgrade


A 4 session deep dive for a siStar entrepreneur who has an established brand, is offering packages or programs and knows she is so close to a break through into the next level 

Retreat Facilitation


Empowering meditations and workshops for your retreat participants to up level their mindset and gain tools and techniques for increased levels of confidence, clarity, inner peace, and abundance.


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Word on the street ...

Jackie M, Costa Rica

I have been a business owner and entrepreneur for 12 years now and I can confidently say that I  got more from Anna than I have in the past 12 years.

Last year alone I spent close to $100K on marketing strategists, social media coordinators, designers and the list goes on. Being very discouraged and disappointed with the amount of money that I invested with very little return, I have been extremely hesitant to continue to invest in these types of business support services. Enter Anna...


I can't compare her to the other programs I have invested in.  I am still trying to wrap my head around the value she brings to the table, at the price point she offers, considering my past investments.


The clarity and focus that I have developed with Anna's guidance has propelled my business forward in a way that I will forever be grateful for.

So for any of you boss ladies out there who may be hesitant to make this leap and investment, Just do it! I would 100% recommend it, and can personally guarantee you won't regret it. 

Rachael, Toronto

I was feeling a little defeated and frustrated by my own self-limiting beliefs. I knew I needed to seek guidance and support outside of my own efforts.

After just the first 2 sessions, we began to really uncover some deep-rooted beliefs and patterns. I knew that this was the right decision, and without Anna's program I would not have experienced the growth and breakthroughs I have. I am becoming increasingly aware of my powers as a super attractor. I feel more aligned, confident & driven.

Ashley K, California

"At first I was apprehensive - I always felt like I didn't "need" a coach and that I "should" be able to do it myself.

Now - I feel so overwhelmingly grateful for our time together and what it's done for me that I have a difficult time even putting it into words.

To say working with Anna changed my life would be a real understatement. She was able to offer me a different perspective to deeply ingrained beliefs that I had been carrying with me my whole life - and she helped me reveal, feel and ultimately heal those beliefs.


Anna gave me the most valuable gift of my life - the realization that I have always had everything I need within me to shatter my limiting beliefs and live my best life - I just never knew it."

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